CEO Message


Promote new industries and enhance services for member companies!


Recently, the global economy has faced uncertain external conditions such as the US-China trade war, rampant attitudes of "my country first" and protectionism, geopolitical risks, etc. Despite such hardships, the Korea‘s electronics & IT industry achieved the biggest performance of $ 220.4 billion in export and $ 113.3 billion in surplus, serving as a great boost to national economy. I believe that such a great feat was made possible by the efforts of those engaged in the electronics & IT industry as well as member companies. 


In the future, whether an enterprise can survive will be determined by securing technical competitiveness and preoccupying the front & back ecosystem, in relation t0 the 4th Industrial Revolution. Hence, KEA will advance industrial structures and lead the 4th Industrial Revolution. To that end, we will fully operate the IoT home appliances center, create the infrastructure to help major industries use AI & blockchain, and strengthen cooperation among different businesses.
In addition, we will support innovative manufacturing by distributing and expanding smart factories, and reinforce the capacities of SMEs by nurturing professionals for new industries.


Besides, we will make the Korea Electronics Show (KES), which marks its 50th anniversary this year, as a festival for all engaged in the electronics & IT industry to develop it as an opportunity for the collaboration of the government, companies, and buyers. Through this, we will solve problems of the business circle based on closer cooperation with overseas organizations to respond to safeguard measures of major countries. We will also increase export capability by planning export consortiums for foreign exhibitions.


The year of 2019 seems very meaningful historically. In 1959, the electronics & IT industry was born starting from the production of domestically developed vacuum tube radios. In 1969, the KES launched and it is now acting as a driving engine for the industry. In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Korea electronics industry and 50th anniversary of the KES, we look toward the next 100 years. KEA promises to think about and solve industrial issues together with executive and member companies, so that our industry can grow innovatively amidst this explosive change of the 4th Industrial Revolution.


I count on proactive participation and interest of member companies and all engaged in the electronics & IT Industry.
Thank you.


Chairman of the Korean Electronics Association

Kim, Ki-Nam