Activities of KEA

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KES is striving to promote industry development and to build the infrastructure of Electronics & IT industry by reflecting the companies’ needs and interests. We serve as a bridge for the communications between industry and government.


Research and analysis of the IT industry

The KEA produces statistical data on the supply and demand for electronics: IT items. We also collect and analyze data on the performance of enterprises as well as the market trends to provide an overall business outlook for the industry. Our data is used as indicators by enterprises to formulate business strategy and by the government for policy development.

Support on Trade issues

  The elimination of tariff barrier is getting wider by bilateral and multilateral free-trade agreements. Meanwhile, countries seek to protect their markets through raising invisible trade barriers. We support activities relevant to the establishment of national trade policy. We also assist enterprises to deal with trade difficulties. 

Widening standardization activities 

 As a government-appointed COSD for the electronic·IT industry, we support activities relevant to the establishment and improvement of both national and international standards (ISO, IEC, IEEE).  
We also collect specific cases on challenges experienced by Korean exporters associated with compliance to technical regulations in accordance with the WTO and TBT agreements. We assist exporters to address them.

Satisfy the environmental demands

In the area of environment and energy, our objective is to meet the expectation of the international community to achieve sustainable development. We hereby encourage the introduction of an environmentally-friendly management system within the IT industry and facilitate the establishment of a low-energy industry structure.

PL activities

 We are dedicated to build an efficient product liability (PL) system by promoting the safe use of electronics and arbitrating in PL-related accidents early in the process to prevent unnecessary lawsuits and accompanying costs.

Cultivate systems for workers' competency

We are established to assist human resource development, management and utilization. As a representative of electronic industries,  we play roles to lead competence-based society by gathering enterprises and industrial associations. Particularly, we manage projects related to NCS : National Competency Standards, which is a systematic tool that contains required knowledge‧technology‧attitude for jobs in the industrial field. 

Human Resources Development

 The aim of our human resources development programs is to reinforce industrial competitiveness. We are committed to developing human resources with the skills and knowledge required by specific industrial sites. We do this by addressing the quantitative and qualitative imbalance between supply and demand in the workforce in the IT area. We also develop and run a training business through our industry-academia partnership.

Overseas market development

 In order to provide the impetus for the IT business to go overseas and to facilitate international exchange, we organize IT exhibitions worldwide on the scale and quality that match the reputation of Korea as a major player in the global IT business.

Create an Ecosystem of convergence technology between Automotive & IT

As an organizer of Automotive Convergence Alliance made by MOTIE(The Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy), we support activities relevant to convergence technology for future mobility like executes development projects, and global/local market development in its commitment towards advancing the industry. We also operate the education program of future mobility to support related industries & student based on technical trends.

Convergence support using IoT, AI and Big Data 

We are helping the electronics and IT companies to develop smart products, converge products and services, and expand platform-based businesses by utilizing IoT, AI, and Big Data which are the core technologies of the fourth industrial revolution era. 
We also have opened the IoT Convergence Support Center to operate a variety of support programs to make early market entry of high value-added innovative products and services in IoT home appliances and smart home sectors.

Strengthen 3D related industry

 The KEA provides assistance to successfully apply 3D technology to the existing home appliances business. As a new business model, it is anticipated to move the industry forward. To this end, we are committed to building a global cooperation network for the 3D industry, technology and market research, workforce development, and business model development. 

Preparing Digitalization of broadcasting

The objective of KEA’s broadcasting and communication projects is to revitalize the industry. Our projects vary from those associated with the worldwide convergence of broadcasting and communication and the digitalization of broadcasting, development of broadcasting equipment made necessary by the emergence of 3D broadcasting, as well as local and global market entry.

Bolster patent related abilities

We offer recommendations to prevent patent disputes across all areas of corporate activities: patent registration, product planning, R&D and marketing. We also assist enterprises in experiencing patent disputes with appropriate response measures. In particular, we are dedicated to putting into place the framework for the virtual cycle of patent registration and protection by encouraging more small-and-medium size enterprises to own patents, and protect and exercise their intellectual property rights.